Those with immediate real estate needs are often looking for a quick solution. There is no better place to look than online. When one needs a house repaired and can’t afford it, this can be a huge burden. Some need to sell it quickly. Such issues develop into big problems.

Sellers may have a range of issues. We have assisted people who have needed various types of repairs and updates. There are many options in these cases. Once we hear from them, homeowners have often resorted to getting cash for their houses. It can be the best solution if a home is in disrepair. They must sell within a few days or a couple of weeks before their options become limited.

How Fast Is Fast?

Homeowners sometimes look to close in as little as five days. Some can wait up to 30. To us, it doesn’t really matter, except the specific circumstance the owner of the house is facing. Title companies close real estate transactions, sometimes meeting time constraints, but must know whether the house has been probated or there is a will or affidavits are signed by the right individuals. Even if an escrow officer is involved, we stay on top of the deadlines so the process is efficient.

We are usually able to close on the purchase of a house relatively quickly. It generally takes 7-10 days if no issues with the title come up. A qualified cash buyer meets the seller’s requirements for a fast closing which could otherwise take months. That’s what often happens if the home is put on the real estate market and sold to a retail buyer relying on a loan to pay for the house.