In general, sellers find us online, often through a Google search. Many home sellers are already looking to get the job done by the time they call. Once they pick up the phone, they are already motivated so being ready to purchase a house is our asset. Persuasiveness and advanced sales skills are not imperative, although we have experience in the field.

We are also easy to find online. Sure, there’s lots of competition on Google. Home investors are vying for the top spots all the time. Oftentimes, sellers have talked with other buyers and investors before reaching out to us. Competition is part of the game in real estate. We’re perfectly able to accept and handle these facts.

How We Are Different

Contacting the seller usually within two hours of their call, we make it a priority to be prompt. Most home owners look online when selling their home or for a solution to resolve their real estate or financial problems. They often contact multiple buyers. We’re often the first investors or the only ones to call back; it is our philosophy to find a quick resolution. Given the process is often difficult and stressful, our services are designed to meet sellers’ needs.

A Simplified Purchase Process

We will assess every home and quantify its value. Motivation on both sides is not enough, however. The criteria we use to analyze homes are strict and few houses meet them. Every time a seller contacts us, we look to see it fits our guidelines from a financial perspective. An “as-is” cash offer is made if it’s a match. We then deliver the contract. Closing often occurs within a few weeks.