We have been buying houses in the Central Texas (San Antonio, Austin, Houston) areas for 3 years, and we our company continues to grow as we continue to help home owners sell problem properties. We started off solely as real estate agents buying houses off of the MLS, but soon realized that we needed to be out in the field, helping homeowners sell their home as fast as possible. So, we began meeting directly with home owners and the rest is history.

Of course, as a “for profit” business, we are in business to make a profit, however, our second goal and a priority for us is to only do a deal if both the home owner and ourselves are pleased with the deal. If we are both satisfied completely, then we have done our job. There are many times when we refer sellers out to agents or other investors, when we just can’t come to terms, because we don’t believe in pressure situation, especially when the seller already has plenty of stress in many cases. We want a win win situation.