Once you decide to move, and put a house up for sale, you would probably expect to receive an offer quickly; especially if your home looks new and is in great shape. The days and months can pass exhaustively slow. An experienced seller can complete the process in less than 30 days, and their house may not even be in great condition.

First time sellers often experience hardships. Sometimes a nearby sale of an older home baffles them. The truth is buyers can be finicky. The location, condition, appraisal, and more can impact their decision. Selling or buying a house is not simple and requires careful considerations on both ends. First, sellers must make their houses appeal to prospective buyers; they need to learn how to stage their house to attract attention and receive offers.

The home staging process is akin to creating a work of art. It reduces time on the market and adds value to the house. The following tips help present natural features while avoiding costly renovations.

Be Clean

A clean house is important for buyers. It helps them imaging themselves living there. Overhaul the interior by cleaning out closets and placing only necessary furniture. There should be as much space as possible. Also put away personal items, photos, personal hygiene products, and other household belongings. The idea is to make the interior attractive, not fill it with personal distractions.

Decorate for Buyers

You need to stage the house for the buyer, not yourself. Decorate in a comforting, fresh, and contemporary style; a neutral look typically works best. If looking to sell quickly, a few hundred dollars will afford you a repainting. Neutral pastel colors work well and give the buyer a warm feeling. It can be a color the buyer would use as a pallet for other rooms.


All furniture should be in the appropriate room. It’s important to put dining tables in the kitchen or appropriate dining space, for example. An office table in the kitchen would also be a distraction to any potential buyer.


By removing carpets, you make even more space accessible and appealing. Old, worn carpets should especially be taken out. Homes with hardwood floors are appealing to many buyers, so be mindful of their expectations during this process.

First Impression

An inviting entrance gives the buyer an excellent first impression. Even consider some landscaping to enhance the look, but there are many different things you can do.

Staging a house is a delicate process, but just a few small things can have a major difference in how quickly a buyer closes on a sale.