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We now offer a simple three-step approach for buying your house. First, you need to fill out the form provided on our website. This provides us with information about the home you are selling. A comprehensive review follows while we analyze the house and its current market value.

We Buy Houses after conducting an analysis based on the information you provide, and reviewing your property, we then make an offer. A verbal offer on your property is provided. A contract is written if both parties come to terms, and both can then sign the contract to make the deal official.

When it comes to closing the deal on your house, we are flexible and work within your time frame. Most of the time, we handle all of the rest, leading up to when you get paid the full worth of your home.

We serve clients who decide to sell their home for many reasons. You may have inherited a property and don’t want it in your possession. A home may be in disrepair and simply too expensive to renovate. Many homeowners also contact us because their tenants have trashed the house and this has become a nuisance, while those going through divorce often decide to sell.

You may have your own unique reason for selling a home. Regardless, our experience, capabilities, and desire to purchase homes will be of great benefit. Best of all, we are quick and efficient.  If you should happen to be in a dire financial situation and you live in other areas of the U.S., yet you still want to sell your house fast; you still have options, because there are investors in communities all over the nation that would love to make you an offer.

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What Client’s Say

I really appreciate James taking this house off of our hands and closing on it quickly while paying all closing costs, because we were in a financial pinch, having already moved into another home and making two mortgage payments.
Gerald G., San Antonio, TX
It was time for me to just move on, and James came in and paid my asking price.
Gerald G., San Antonio, TX